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Expressing the spirit of the times since 1874, Piaget's watch and jewellery designs embody the eternal quest for technical mastery, transformed by boldness, expertise and imagination.

2013.03.06             Source : Piaget

In Piaget's enchanted garden, the sophisticated actress, Tang Wei (湯唯), falls in love at first sight with the Yves Piaget rose.

Tang, widely celebrated for her acting as well as her elegance and unique feminine beauty, feels a natural affinity to the exquisite Yves Piaget rose. For Piaget, each rose is a unique symbol of love. Truly one of a kind herself, Tang's warm personality, her passion for nature and her love for the arts all connect the actress with the queen of flowers. Just like she is acclaimed for her dedication to the cinematic art, Tang is allured by renowned plant cultivator Alain Meilland's consummate work, which gave birth to the exceptionally sensual and meticulous shape and nuanced colours of the Yves Piaget rose.

Growing out of this heady love affair with the Yves Piaget rose is Tang Wei's adoration for the jewellery of Piaget Rose collection. As early as the 1960s, the rose appears as a theme much beloved of Piaget, whose collections were frequently inspired by nature. The Piaget Rose collection, incarnating the inimitable Yves Piaget rose and boasting an eternally feminine aesthetic, radiates the many faceted beauty of the voluptuous flower through masterful combination of the eternity of gemstones and the fresh bloom of feelings. For Tang Wei, the sumptuous glamour of the Piaget Rose collection sets off her understated elegance perfectly, giving her style a delicate and jubilant glow. Wearing Piaget Rose precious creations, for Tang, at once a joyous and romantic moment.

                                            Embroidery applied to High Jewelry

A Piaget High Jewelry creation consists of a myriad of different components. Applying the same method as for embroidery, the jeweler uses a gold thread to patiently "sew" together each of the tiny parts of the creation.

Attaching the different elements of the pieces give it its flexibility. The joints between the parts also ensure that the creation is comfortable to wear, and enhance its elegant appearance by giving it added delicacy.

Designers continually revisit the themes that Piaget holds dear. They draw inspiration from a strong historical legacy and modern themes with a wide range of styles reminiscent of Hollywood glamour, magic gardens and the many facets of celebratory occasions.

Each Piaget design plays on the fluidity of materials and the radiance of light, thanks to the exceptional talent of our jewellers and gem-setters. Each Piaget design gives way to a new emotion: from diamond drops that trickle down the neck, quivering foliage that embellish and frame the face and the firework-like explosion of gems.

Very special care is given to finishes to provide long-lasting comfort and flexibility.

The various professions involved in the design of a piece work in close proximity to provide prompt communication and responsiveness. By taking all technical and aesthetic constraints into consideration, our expertise is fully focused on excellence in design .

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