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Sunshine is something the Xhibitionist is particularly fond of.

by Gray Design 。

Gray Design is pleased to announce the release of it's latest yacht and car design, the Xhibitionist.

Sculpted with the flowing lines of an Art Nouveau masterpiece and heavy tones of automotive styling, the Xhibitionist, with it's deployable bow platform and reconfigurable interior space breaks new gound in yacht styling and indeed opens a new niche in corporate floating real estate.


                    BY GRAY DESIGN

The Xhibitionist is endowed with the capability to evolve with and adapt to the pace of change we see in todays world alongside maintaining its enduring aesthetic appeal. It has been futureproofed in some respects; both in terms of its actual features and its potential 'lives', as it were.

Unlike a 'private' yacht, this versatile yacht has been designed to do a job; or rather, jobs. What those jobs are could vary tremendously but one of them is probably abundantly obvious: this thing has been designed to wantonly, shamelessly, unabashedly and knowingly steal the show.

'Show' is, really, at the crux of what the Xhibitionist is all about. Aside from being a 'show' unto itself, it has been created in such a way that some of the real showing takes place on the inside. The shape of the outside may give some people a clue as to where we're heading next. The undeniably automotive lines are testament to Eduard Grays achievements as a designer of supercars (one of which, the Xhibit-G, has been specially created to complement the Xhibitionist). A common first reaction, it has to be said, is just that; ..'it looks like a car' (indeed, Batman has been mentioned a few times, too).

As far as investments go, the Xhibitionist resembles more of a real estate and marketing venture than a yacht. If so desired, it can effectively be used as an exclusive, floating showroom. A Steinway piano completes the scene beautifully while the vessel is in 'guest mode'. The dual staircase by Cornish Stairways adds a homely familiarity to the main exhibition room in its full open glory and the Baccarat lighting perfectly complements the subtle Art-Nouveau styling throughout. In 'Retail Mode' the partitions are in place creating many individual spaces for a more private retail experience and the Nuance smart shading feature from Vision Systems provides yet more privacy at the swipe of a fingertip.


La Mode Artistry

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