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“There are two messages I hope readers take away from the book. The first has to do with the essential importance of handcraftsmanship and the need for creative collaboration between artisans and designers to keep craftsmanship alive and relevant, and make products that are truly timeless, yet contemporary. I also hope readers come away with a deeper understanding of Bottega Veneta and the values that inform the brand: quality, functionality, timelessness, and of course, craftsmanship. When I started at Bottega Veneta, I revived the brand’s famous line ‘When your own initials are enough’ because I wanted people to look beyond a logo to the product and the individual who owns it. The book makes that case in another, more expansive way.”- Tomas Maier, Creative Director.

Women's Fall-Winter 2013/2014

When your own initials are enough

Men's Spring-Summer 2013 Collection

 For Spring ,

 Bottega Veneta presents casual and lightweight pieces with a breezy,retro sensibility。

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