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Life is a flower of which love is the honey.



 Enjoying the most unique moments with La Mode Artistry





Our professional consultants are available to organize every single detail of each parties. Unlike a simple 'agent', they will spend a considerable amount of time on each trip to understand and design the ideal party for each individual customer.

The result is a unique luxury party, giving our customers the satisfaction of experiencing a party tailor made as per their own tastes.



 What can our customers tailor for their private luxury party?





Destination: Any destination in the world can be selected.

地點: 從全球各地挑選您鐘愛的地點。

Entertainment: Selection of top exclusive venues and activities unavailable to the general public

娛樂: 可選擇不對外開放的專屬場地和活動。

Dates: From a short afternoon break to a dinner party round the world trip, our customers decide the date of departure and the length of their party.

派對時間: 從短短的一個午膳或晚宴時間﹐或至一趟奢華之旅﹐由您決定起程的時間日期及活動時間的長短。

Ground transportation: Helicopter transfer, luxurious chauffeured limousines, VIP buses or classic taxi transfer.


Itinerary: The flexibility of timetable allows our customers to design their program hour by hour

行程: 時間彈性化﹐可靈活安排每小時的行程。

Size of group: Our customers decide the size of the group. There is no lower or upper limit on the size of the group, though ten to twelve is a good number for a private jet

人數: 行程人數不設限制﹐對私人飛機而言﹐十至十二人最為適合。

Special events: Honeymoons, birthdays, engagement/bachelor parties or any other special occasion can be organized for our customers.

特別活動: 蜜月、生日、訂婚結婚及單身派對或任何其他特別場合﹐都可安排。

Preferences: Preferred type of food, presence of a guide or translator, personal security, nanny, travel insurance, local mobile phones and more...all We can arrange of it.

喜好: 鍾意某一類的美食美酒、需要導遊或翻譯員、私人保鑣及保姆、旅遊保險或當地流動電話服務等喜好﹐我們都可為您一一安排。

Controlled pricing: Our customers always control their spending with a systematic and detailed quote for each requested service

控制價格: 會員可根據每項特別要求的服務﹐獲得一份有系統及詳細的報價﹐從而控制消費。

Accommodation: Based on their preferences, customers can stay at large top hotels, small boutique luxury hotels, private apartments or luxury villas, castles etc...


住宿: 按照會員偏好﹐可選擇入住大型頂級度假飯店、小型豪華精品酒店、私人公寓、豪華別墅、城堡等等……                             


Anything else that our customers feel is important and should be taken care of before the party.



チュチュでは、ブライダル現場の経験豊富な一流のカメラマンがおふたりの専属カメラマンとなり、確かな技術に裏付けされた表現力で、かけがえのない一瞬一 瞬を捉えていきます。もっとも輝ける一日を、「写真」という愛のカタチに変えて…。主役のおふたりをしっかりとサポートしながら、一生の宝物にふさわしい お写真をお撮りいたします。

The culmination of a great love story. The greatest, most refined feast of them all. As both a wine and a symbol, Dom Pérignon celebrates the eternal luxury of the institution of marriage. In 1981, Dom Pérignon was served at the fairytale wedding of Lady Diana Spencer and Prince Charles. The magnums of Dom Pérignon Vintage 1961 carried a special insignia created for the ceremony. The Wedding Box contains 12 bottles of Dom Pérignon Vintage 2000 and a silver gift box containing a bottle of Dom Pérignon Vintage 2000 with a unique silver label, personalized with the bride and groom's names and the date of the celebration.

This film is not to be viewed by persons under the legal alcohol drinking/buying age in their country. Do not forward these materials to anyone below the legal drinking age. Not for use in countries with restrictions on advertising alcoholic beverages.
Enjoy Dom Pérignon responsibly. The abuse of alcohol is dangerous for your health, consume with moderation.

La Mode Artistry

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