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深邃品味 璀璨珍釀

Dom Pérignon Vintage 2002 隆重上市

                           揭露香檳王2002年份香檳的富饒與珍貴-王者風韻                                         2012.01.31         Editor :Ni Ni               Source: Dom Pérignon

   2002年,對於香檳王Dom Pérignon是個輝煌的年份,此年萬物得到豐沛的滋養而有了豐收的一年。香檳王香檳總釀酒師 理查傑佛伊(Richard Geoffroy)以專業、熱情、葡萄的成熟度及該年份的天氣特色,釀出了這支酒-香檳王2002年份香檳(Dom Pérignon New Vintage 2002)。

  1996年對於香檳來說是非常完美的一年,氣候及葡萄的質量俱佳,也因此而誕生了許多 卓越佳釀。神奇的是這些年來幾乎每六年就有一次這樣的時節,例如1990年、1996年以及這次的2002年,都有十分精彩絕倫的表現。每款經由總釀酒師認可發表的年份都具有獨特性格,與同時間釀出的酒款截然不同,這促成了香檳王2002年份的完美絕佳姿態,也被喻為香檳王1996年份後最佳年份香檳。


       "The 2002 Rosé explodes from the glass with endless layers of huge voluptuous fruit. Shaping up to be epic."



       Lilting and luminous on the nose, assertive and creamy on the palate, Dom Pérignon Rosé Vintage 2002 was rated 98/100 by American wine critic Antonio Galloni.

The year 2002 will always be remembered in Champagne as one touched by grace. After a dry Spring and stormy July, six weeks of golden light gave birth to Dom Pérignon Rosé Vintage 2002.

Dom Pérignon invites you to immerse yourself in a paradoxical experience: a discovery of tasting Rosé Vintage 2002.

After 9 years in the cellar, Dom Pérignon's latest creation comes to life: luminous and dark, ripe, rich and airy, mineral and sensual, inviting yet mysterious. Dom Pérignon is proud to introduce: Dom Pérignon Rosé Vintage 2002.
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This film is not to be viewed by persons under the legal alcohol drinking/buying age in their country. Do not forward these materials to anyone below the legal drinking age. Not for use in countries with restrictions on advertising alcoholic beverages.
Enjoy Dom Pérignon responsibly. The abuse of alcohol is dangerous for your health, consume with moderation.

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